What is a Turkish Towel

Coastal Hobo is a family-owned business that sources our products right from Turkey. We have a team of people that use traditional techniques passed down through generations to create our turkish towels. Though our main location is in Delaware, our family is from Turkey, and many still live there working with us to create the products we offer to our customers.

We tell you this because we want you to know that when it comes to Turkish towels, we know what we’re talking about. A lot of people don’t! When you hear the term ‘Turkish towel’, some people might think it’s just a towel made in Turkey. And while that is a big part of it, there’s a lot more to them than that.

What is a Turkish Towel?

Fun fact: towels were invented in the region that would become modern Turkey. They were all originally handmade using cotton and linen in that area. When we speak of Turkish towels today, we talk about towels made using traditional techniques that use Turkish cotton.

What makes a Turkish towel different from other cotton towels?

Modern cotton towels are easier to make. But that’s because they’re mass produced using industrial machines. Turkish towels are all handmade and use premium cotton with longer fibers, which means each thread is stronger and smoother. 

Have you ever used a towel that stopped drying you halfway through? That’s because of its low absorbency. Turkish towels have just the right amount of absorbency to both remove all the water from your body and then to get dry themselves quickly afterwards. You don’t want a towel that stays wet for hours afterwards, either.

They’re also soft! Many quick-drying towels sacrifice softness, but not Turkish towels. They’re as comfortable as they are functional. In fact, instead of wearing out through washing, the Turkish cotton they’re made from makes them grow softer and more absorbent with each wash, meaning they’ll continue to remain a favorite in your home long after you buy it.

How to care for your new Turkish Towels

Quality often comes with a cost. When you’re talking about clothing, that can mean it’s very difficult to care for. The disappointment of buying a really nice piece of clothing, only to realize too late that it’s dry-clean only, is all too real.

But that’s not true with Turkish towels. You can wash and dry them right in your own home. Just put them in your washing machine in a gentle cycle, and then put them in your dryer on low heat. And that’s it! If you have a little extra time or want to save energy, they’re quick-drying enough that you can simply hang them up and let them dry on their own.

Make sure you wash your new Turkish towel before using it the first time. Since they grow more absorbent through washing, this will improve the towel and make it perfect for you.

How to tell you’re buying a quality Turkish towel

If you’re just learning about what a Turkish towel is, it can be really difficult to tell if you’re buying a good one. So, here’s a quick guide to tell if the towel you own is of high quality:

  • Is it made with genuine Turkish cotton? That’s what gives Turkish towels their name, so it’s the most important part of the product.
  • It should not leave any fuzz on your body after using it.
  • It should grow more absorbent over time, with each wash.
  • It will feel handmade, which means it will be light and soft, but not flimsy.